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Coucou Body Roller

Coucou Body Roller

€ 75,00 Normale prijs
€ 60,00Verkoopprijs

We are taking massage to the next level. Improve your overall skin appearance with this body beauty tool with high-frequency vibration and built-in tourmaline stones. The Coucou Body Roller is a sonic and vibrating Y-shaped massage tool with more than 7200 vibrations per minute that enter through the epidermis, dermis and go all the way to the muscle layer. 



  • Through pressure, the Coucou Body Roller stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage (removing build up toxins) thus reducing puffiness and evening out skin tone. The elimination of toxins creates more room for healthy nutrients to flow and nourish the skin: hello healthy glow. 
  • Massaging the skin and muscles helps to increase fresh blood and oxygen flow to the skin and cells, helping to feed skin cell renewal and skin metabolism. 
  • Through energetic massage and pressure, the Coucou Body Roller helps reduce fat deposits by causing the fat cells to rupture (subcutaneous fat - the type that you can see outside of the body and causes cellulite -  can escape and can be more easily removed through exercising and eating right). 
  • Through pressure, the Coucou Body Roller stimulates collagen (the protein responsible for keeping our connective tissue strong) production and thereby plumping fine lines.  
  • The Coucou Body Roller strengthens body contours and muscles and provides a temporal lifting and tightening effect of the skin. 
  • Used over creams, oils, and your favorite body moisturizer the Coucou Body Roller increases the absorption of the product into your skin. 
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