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Dear Baby Skin Care Kit

Dear Baby Skin Care Kit

€ 76,95Prijs

Dear Baby Skin Care Kit contains 4 allergy certified products that nourish, protect and keeps your baby's skin soft and healthy. A child's delicate skin has many needs, and with the natural ingredients and custom formulations, you can greet them all with this Kit.


When you purchase this Kit, it will be delivered in our eco-friendly suitcase. This suitcase can be used as storage for toys, nappies or as part of your play routine.

The 4 products in the Dear Baby Skin Care Kit consist of: Tiny Softness, an intensive and nourishing body lotion that helps to restore and maintain the skin's natural barrier. It is gently formulated with mild natural ingredients for the sensitive skin.


How to use the product: Gently massage the cream into the skin, focusing on dry areas. Use Tiny Softness after each bath, when the skin is still slightly moist, to lock in the moisture and help improve the skin's natural barrier.
Made in Denmark



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